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About us

We are here to

 memorizing the Quran teaching Arabic language and Islamic sciences to non-native speakers. We are committed to providing a Salafi religious environment that encourages Quran memorization and learning Islamic sciences, with a focus on fostering cooperation and good companionship among students

Our Subjects

Qur’an and its sciences

memorizing and review Correction of recitation Explain the meanings of words
Reading training (for beginners)
Interpretation (for applicants)
Tajweed (tuhfat al'atfal)


We have an advanced educational curriculum based on three main advanced educational sequences

islamic sciences

aladab w al'adhkar



The Arabic series is in the hands of our children

The series is concerned with empowering the four axes It is the latest series specialized in teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers


Book series (founding the Arabic language)

It is a special series at the center for training in reading and writing using the Nour al-Bayan method, in which the student gets to know the
alhuruf - alharakat - almuduwd - alsukun - alshidat - alam alshamsiat w alqamariati...
until he masters reading and writing.


Book series (Imam Muhammad bin Saud University)

There are thirty books written to combine religious sciences and the Arabic language. They are the work of a team of specialists in the Arabic language and Sharia aspects, and we choose from them what the student needs on the linguistic and Sharia aspects.

islamic sciences


Curriculum of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

It is one of the best curricula for children of all ages, written by the best teachers specialized in Sharia sciences and educational curricula for children


Imam Muhammad bin Saud University curriculum for non-native speakers

He prepared a group of legal books on (alhadith & altafsir & aleaqidat w alfiqa ) that combine the linguistic and legal aspects


Some of the center's curricula

Taking into account the selection of authentic hadiths and Salafi doctrines using the question-and-answer method, to make it easier for the beginning student to memorize them, and to suit children of all ages and address their various behavioral problems.

We welcome kids into our 3-18’s program based on their birth year.

Why us

Our goals are to

Enhance memorization of the Quran and teach it systematically and accurately.
Foster understanding of Islamic sciences and their application in daily life, aiming to build a generation with religious and moral awareness.
Encourage students to persevere and strive for knowledge acquisition, personal, and religious development
Teach Arabic effectively to non-native speakers to enable them to understand, recite, and comprehend the Quran and Islamic sciences.
Develop communication and collaboration skills among students, promoting good companionship and positive interaction with others.
Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

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